Who am I?

Hello! My name is Humberto Baez and I’m a UI designer and web developer with over 10 years of experience. I deliver creative, engaging solutions to communicate your ideas. I’ve been freelancing and working for agencies for over 10 years. As a web design professional, when I conceptualize, design and develop a website I generally use the following: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, InVision, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Joomla, and Javascript.

My UI Development Process

Sketching Icon

Sketching Idea

Before picking up a mouse, the best approach is pen and paper. This is where brainstorming ideas for the interface takes place.

User Flow Icon

User Flow Diagram

I create a road map of how the site is to flow based on all possible content provided or in the near future. The diagram helps me see all possible ways the user will interact with the interface.

Wireframe Icon


A wireframe is a quick way to see what the site will potentially look like without all the details.

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Interface Style Choices

I choose the right interface style based on the clients choice and modern web trends.

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The mockup is a medium or high detailed representation of the final design usually created in Photoshop or Illustrator. I develop a prototype with InVision to show the functionality of the site before it heads to the coding stage.

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Final Design

The website is constructed with all the UI/UX designs implemented and coded.

Featured UI/UX Project

Firefighter Crate

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UI/UX Design

Freelance & Agency Case Studies

Jon Donais

The guitarist for the Grammy-nominated metal band Anthrax needed an updated website that was responsive, mobile-friendly and reflected the attitude of the music.

Kinsmen Brewing

A relatively new handcrafted beer brewing company from Southington, CT. The family-owned business needed a website that was modern and responsive while reflecting the traditional imagery of the brewing culture.

Kinsmen Brewing Website Mockup

Tovall Painting

Tovall is a full-service painting company that provides interior and exterior painting services. They needed a simple Wordpress website to highlight their services and showcase the quality work of the Tovall team.

Tovall Painting Website Mockup

Dharma Life Sciences

Dharma Life Sciences are a learning and development company providing tools to improve work performance based on understanding personality traits. The company needed a designer that made their landing pages more attractive to potential clients.

Dharma Landing Page Mockup

Choice Merchant Solutions

Choice Merchant Solutions are a credit card processing company in the vain of such other payment solution companies like Cayan and Square. Landing pages were needed to attract independent sales agents to join the Choice sales team.

Choice Merchant Solutions Landing Page Mockup

Choice Capital

Choice Capital are a subsidairy of Choice Merchant Solutions specializing on acquiring technologies and ISO/agents from business. This upstart company needed a small website that explained their objectives and goals.

Choice Capital Website Mockup

Mobile UI Design

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Freelance Work

Contact Me

Telephone: 860-617-2304